Anyway, in other news I’m appearing at the Bradford Lit Fest in a few weeks to talk about coding. Really looking forward to it.

Client is urging me to help them beyond contract end. Client also consistently contacts out of hours on multiple channels (WhatsApp, Slack) with non-emergencies. But comments like “time is running out”.

Ugh. Clients who dont’ respect boundaries.


I’m still trying to figure out how all this works. Sometimes I feel like I’m tooting to an empty stage.

Partner took our eldest to the movies so I could work at home today, with 1.5 month old twins as my company. Aaaaand both have reflux so I’ve spent the last three hours topping up their feeds and cleaning couch covers, changing outfits etc. Life with twins!

It's been a tough couple days for women in tech. Can we start a thread here thanking some awesome ones in our communities?

Heard this version of La Vie en Rose on Radio 2 last night. Really good. @supaconan you should check it out

Had to fight getting my 4yo out the door this morning, and then forgot to bring a coat or something to keep me warm along the river afterwards on the way to work this morning. Here’s a morning

Who lets their watch ? What do you look for in a YouTuber?

@paulstern I found out about it last night. It's been around for a little while but now has supposedly passed 2m users, so I thought it was worth a punt. I found cheap hosting for my own instance and thought I could do worse than try and grow a new community

Hey folks, I'm Jim. By day I help people with IT/Web/Social strategies for their businesses. I also occasionally stuff around , , and . I also sing.


Hey! We're kind of new at this and having a play.